Let's redefine wallet.

採用極耐磨的 Soft Shell 抗水物料,加上嶄新的設計,打造出最薄最耐用的銀包。

Crafted with the extremely durable Soft Shell material, the SlimFold Wallet is very tough and, meanwhile, water and stain resistant.

可放多達 20 張卡,銀包依然輕巧纖薄。

The SlimFold can hold more than 20 cards, but still remains remarkably thin.

Soft Shell 物料通過時速 70 英里的撞擊測試,常用於製造電單車外套,比皮革更薄、更耐磨和更耐用。

Subjected to 70 mph crash tests, the Soft Shell material was developed for motorcycle wear. Compared to leather, Soft Shell is much thinner and stronger.


SlimFold Wallets do not contain any animal products. They are environmentally and locally made in San Francisco.

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SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet

SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet

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