(Please scroll down for the English version of our return and exchange policy.)


Life Shop HK 退貨及換貨之條款及細則:

  1. 若您收到的貨品有破損,請於收貨後七天內電郵至 contact.lifeshophk@gmail.com,並附上貨品的訂單和說明貨品的問題 (可附上有關照片),我們的職員會盡快回覆,處理您的退貨或換貨申請。

  2. 若貨品在送抵後遭到人為破壞或已被使用過,將不設退換。

  3. 如有任何爭議,Life Shop HK 保留最終決定權。


Life Shop HK's return and exchange policy:

  1. If your received item is damaged, please contact us for return or exchange authorization in 7 days by sending an email to contact.lifeshophk@gmail.com and, meanwhile, attaching the corresponding invoice as well as description about the problem(s). You may also attach photo(s) which shows the problem(s).

  2. A return or exchange may be issued only if the item is returned in new, unused condition.

  3. In case of any dispute, the decision of Life Shop HK shall be final.