By Xpure.


納米防護層有效過濾 PM2.5 等級之污染物;吸濕排汗透氣,可重覆使用和水洗。

The advanced anti-pollution layer can filter out PM2.5 effectively. Breathable, washable and reusable.

抗霾魔術頭巾 Xpure Magic Anti-Pollution Hood (V1.1)

    • 助你過濾交通廢氣、懸浮粒子和微生物

    • 有效過濾 PM2.5 等級之污染物

    • 採用 Xpure G1 奈米防護層,通過台灣紡織研究所 CNS15980 D級認證

    • 可阻擋非油性和油性污染物 (包括廚房油煙、汽車排放廢氣等)

    • 可重覆使用,可水洗 200 次以上

    • 特殊異型斷面纖維,吸濕排汗透氣

    • 由圓織布製成,軸向無彈性,逕向有高彈性,可如變魔術般自由變換佩戴方式

    • 零壓感耳掛帶,由厚織萊卡彈性布料製成,巧妙縫於頭巾內側,柔軟舒適又耐用;隱藏式設計完全不影響頭巾各種形式的使用,可有效避免頭巾因瞼形較小、髮型干擾或劇烈動作而掉落

    • 台灣製造

    • 建議的清洗方式為「輕柔手洗」,可以加入一般中性清潔劑輔助清洗,建議大約三天或一週洗一次;可以擰乾後晾乾,但切勿烘乾或熨燙


    • Filter out pollutants from traffic, particulates and microorganisms

    • Can filter out PM2.5 effectively

    • Xpure G1 inside, which has acquired CNS15980 certification (Grade D) from Taiwan Textile Research Institute

    • Can filter out both oily and non-oily pollutants, including car exhaust and oily fume from kitchens

    • Reusable and washable (can be washed more than 200 times)

    • Inside fabric with special profiled fibre, which is very breathable

    • Made with weft knitted fabric, which is stretchable in the radial direction only, offering endless uses

    • Super comfortable hidden elastic ear straps

    • Made in Taiwan

    • Care: gentle hand wash is recommended and mild soap or detergent may be used (you are recommended to wash your mask once every three days or every week)