By Xpure.


納米防護層有效過濾 PM2.5 等級之污染物;吸濕排汗透氣,可重覆使用和水洗。

The advanced anti-pollution layer can filter out PM2.5 effectively. Breathable, washable and reusable.


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抗霾布織口罩 (All-fit款) Xpure Anti-Pollution Mask (All-fit)

    • 助你過濾交通廢氣、懸浮粒子和微生物

    • 有效過濾 PM2.5 等級之污染物

    • 採用 Xpure G2 奈米防護層,通過台灣紡織研究所 CNS15980 B級認證

    • 可阻擋非油性和油性污染物 (包括廚房油煙、汽車排放廢氣等)

    • 可重覆使用,可水洗 200 次以上

    • SPORTINGTEX 特殊異型斷面纖維,吸濕排汗透氣,耐洗抗髒抗菌

    • 裡布採用防曬、抗 UV 的 UPF50+ 布料

    • 採用免打結舒適耳掛帶,可利用安全矽膠套環快速調節鬆緊,就算戴著口罩也能調節

    • 高氣密度設計

    • 流線型剪裁,提拉顎頰曲線,展現小臉修飾效果

    • 贈送防霧氣密貼,防止眼鏡起霧

    • 三種尺寸 (細碼、中碼和大碼),可用捲尺量測下巴到耳根的距離:若距離在 10 至 13 公分內可選細碼,若距離在 13 至 15 公分內可選中碼,若距離在 15 至 17 公分內可選大碼

    • 台灣製造

    • 建議的清洗方式為「輕柔手洗」,可以加入一般中性清潔劑輔助清洗,建議大約三天或一週洗一次


    • Filter out pollutants from traffic, particulates and microorganisms

    • Can filter out PM2.5 effectively

    • Xpure G2 inside, which has acquired CNS15980 certification (Grade B) from Taiwan Textile Research Institute

    • Can filter out both oily and non-oily pollutants, including car exhaust and oily fume from kitchens

    • Reusable and washable (can be washed more than 200 times)

    • Inside fabric with special SPORTINGTEX profiled fibre, which is very breathable, stain resistant and antibacterial

    • Provides UPF50+ excellent UV protection

    • Knot-free adjustable ear strap, which is very comfortable

    • Highly airtight design

    • Special streamlined design for an enhanced outlook

    • Includes an optional airtight moisture blocker, which can prevent your eyeglasses from misting up

    • Three sizes - Small, Medium and Large. Please use a measureing tape to measure the distance between your earlobe and chin. If the distance is within 10 to 13 cm, you may choose the Small size. If the distance is within 13 to 15 cm, you may choose the Medium size. If the distance is within 15 to 17 cm, you may choose the Large size.

    • Made in Taiwan

    • Care: gentle hand wash is recommended and mild soap or detergent may be used (you are recommended to wash your mask once every three days or every week)