By Normo.


Have you ever struggled with the problem of where to place the stirring rod after using it? This mug solves this issue perfectly. No more excuses for using disposable stirrer again.

攪拌馬克杯 Stirring Mug

    • 利用矽膠環固定不銹鋼攪拌棒,飲用時只要自然地將大拇指放在攪拌棒的 LOGO 上,即可完全避免攪拌棒掉落或晃動

    • 馬克杯:全瓷鶯歌手工灌漿,容量 300 mL

    • 攪拌棒:304 不銹鋼

    • 固定環:矽膠

    • 杯蓋:矽膠

    • 杯蓋反放於桌面上,可放置茶包或零食

    • 杯身直徑:85 mm

    • 寬度 (連把手):125 mm

    • 高度:85 mm

    • 產地:台灣


    • The silicon ring on the mug handle is used to fix the stainless steel rod. When drinking, simply put your thumb on the logo on the rod.

    • Mug: handmade porcelain, 300 mL

    • Rod: SUS304 stainless steel
    • Ring: silicone

    • Lid: silicone

    • The lid is also a perfect holder of your tea bag or snacks

    • Cup diameter: 85 mm

    • Width (including the handle): 125 mm

    • Height: 85 mm

    • Made in Taiwan