By Eco Vegan Shoes.



A pair of sports shoes for vegans and vegetarians. Wear it in workplace, street, gym, and anywhere.



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Speed Trainer - White

    • 功能全面的運動鞋:吸震設計、高抓地力、鞋底不脫色
    • 採用超舒適的 Eco-OrthoLite™ 鞋墊 (可替換)

    • 鞋面採用透氣的超細纖維物料製造

    • 採用輕身和超耐用的 RPU™ 鞋底

    • 鞋底的防滑紋規格遠高於歐洲 SRC 標準

    • 男女通用設計

    • 抗水設計

    • 適合用於上班、走路、健身、運動等

    • 造鞋廠位於葡萄牙和印尼,所有工人均有良好的工作環境和待遇

    • 純素 (不含動物成份)


    • Shock absorbing, high grip and non-marking
    • Insole: Replaceable Eco-OrthoLite™ insoles for great hygiene, comfort and support
    • Upper: Breathable microfiber
    • Outsole: Light weight and highly durable RPU™ sole
    • Outsole profile: Anti slip pattern greatly exceeding European SRC standards
    • Unisex design
    • Water resistant
    • Purpose: Work, walking and gym
    • The shoes are made in factories located either in Portugal or Indonesia. All workers work in safe and healthy working conditions, that they are paid fairly.
    • Vegan