By Normo.


受夠了劣質的證件套? REAL ID 採用最上乘的日本矽膠材質製造 ,就算出汗都不會感到黏膩,超舒適、超乾淨。

With the card holder and neck strap made with the best silicone material, REAL ID is super skin-friendly and comfortable.

REAL ID 超舒適掛帶證件套 Silicone Card Holder

    • 採用最上乘的日本矽膠材質製作,利用模具一體成型製造

    • 整體強韌,具有彈性,用水即可清洗乾淨

    • 配以低調的不銹鋼金屬環,增添質感

    • 後端人體工學3D造型設計,配戴更舒適

    • 主體 : 矽膠表面抗汙噴塗

    • 金屬環 : SUS420 不銹鋼

    • 半透明卡 : PP 塑料

    • 長度:470 mm

    • 寬度:175 mm

    • 產地:台灣


    • Made with the best silicone material

    • It is flexible, strong, and can be cleaned easily with water
    • A low-profile stainless steel ring is added, making the silicone card holder even more stylish

    • With a special 3D design, the silicone neck strap is even more comfortable to wear

    • Main body: silicone with dust-proof coating

    • Ring: SUS420 stainless steel

    • Translucent card: plastic (PP)

    • Dimensions: 470 mm x 175 mm

    • Made in Taiwan