Hemp Wallets


Made in U.S.A. or Europe

麻布的優點 Why our hemp wallets?

  • 麻布比棉布更耐用 Hemp fabric is more durable than cotton textile.

  • 天然、環保和可再生 Hemp is natural, renewable and sustainable.

  • 種植麻比種植棉用少大約三倍的水和一倍的土地 Compared to cotton, hemp requires much less water and land to grow.

  • 麻會吸收溫室氣體,同時淨化大自然的水、空氣和泥土 The hemp plant can reverse the Greenhouse Effect, and purify our air, water, and soil.

  • 我們所有的麻布銀包均為美國或歐洲製造 All of our hemp wallets are made in the U.S.A. or Europe.

  • 純素 Vegan.


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Trifold Hemp Wallets:


Includes 1 bill compartment, 1 zippered change pocket and 3 card compartments.

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Bifold Hemp Wallets:


Includes 1 cash pocket, 8 credit card slots and a double-sided clear ID card holder.